Level 1 Watering Restrictions now in place from May 1 to Sept 30

In 2018, Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality introduced Water Restrictions to continue the efforts already inplace to conserve water.   There are 4 levels of restrictions listed in Bylaw 0136 – A Bylaw to regulate Water Services.

Bylaw 0136, Part 4 – Section 11 states that ‘In addition to the above (see bylaw for details), the following regulations will apply to all Consumers:

All Commercial and Residential Consumers who receive their water supply from the Municipality’s Utility System are required to comply with the following sprinkling and irrigation regulations.

Level 1 – Water  Restrictions – May 1st to Sept 30th (unless further levels of water restrictions are implemented by the Engineer.

(a) Properties with even numbered addresses are allowed to sprinkle or irrigate only on even numbered days.

(b) Properties with odd numbered addresses are allowed to sprinkle or irrigate only on odd numbered days.

(c) Sprinkling and irrigating activities are not allowed between the hours of 11:00 am and 6:00 pm in each and every days.

(d) Sprinkling and irrigating activities between the hours of midnight and 6:00 am are restricted to automatic irrigation systems or sprinklers controlled by a timer and must comply with the following:

i. Properties with even numbered addresses are allowed to sprinkle or irrigate only on even numbered days; and

ii. properties with odd numbered addresses are allowed to sprinkle or irrigate only on odd numbered days.

For more information on Levels 1 to 4 water restrictions, please visit the Municipality’s Approved Bylaws Webpage and click on this link ‘Approved Bylaws including Bylaw 136, 002 – A Bylaw to regulate Water Services

Water Quality Report for 2019

Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality’s Utility Division’s Annual Water Quality Report for 2019 has been submitted to Interior Health Authority and is posted under the ‘Water’ Tab and under the ‘Annual Report’ Tab.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this report or any other part of the Utility’s Operation, please contact the Municipal Office at 250-578-2020 or email info@sunpeaksutilities.com.

Important Payment Information During COVID-19

Posted: April 16, 2020

Water Invoices Only: Please note that most banks have approved the 11 digit account number.  A few credit unions have been slow at changing the account number format.   Credit Union still haven’t allowed for the change  yet.  You may want to wait a few days and try again.   If you were not able pay through your bank by April 10th, 2020, please contact us at accounting@sunpeaksmunicipality.ca.

Gas Utility Invoices are not due until May 7th.  Please continue to use your Gas Utility Invoice Account Number.  There should be not issues paying your Gas Utility Invoice on line through your Canadian financial institution.

We apologize for any inconvenience with our billing system change over.   Hopefully, the world can go back to some form of normalcy soon!

Posted: March 26, 2020

With our offices now closed to public access, Sun Peaks Residents, suppliers and customers may have concerns regarding how you can continue to make or receive payments to Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality.

All Customers

 Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality’s accounts receivable is operating business as usual.  All pre-authorized payment arrangements will be processed on normal dates.

For prompt service and to avoid not receiving your invoice in a timely matter, we encourage all customers to sign up to receive invoices by email.  Visit www.sunpeaksutilities.com and ‘click’ on the ‘Application & Paperless Billing Request’ Tab and then click on the Paperless Invoice Request Form and complete the form.

If you have any questions regarding your invoice, email accounting@sunpeaksmunicipality.ca for more information on options available to you to make your payment, such as mailing a cheque, online banking, credit card payments and electronic funds transfer.


Sun Peaks Municipality’s accounts payable is operating business as usual. Invoices received by mail are being recorded and paid according to normal processes. However, for best service, suppliers should send invoices by email to:

We’re requesting all suppliers of Sun Peaks Municipality sign up to receive electronic fund transfer (EFT) payments. For more information on how to enroll, contact the Director of Finance at dof@sunpeaksmunicipality.ca .


Welcome To Sun Peaks Municipality – Utilities Group

Please check the community announcements below for important updates on your essential services.

Winter Safety Reminder: The winter season is in full swing and we would like to remind you and your guests to keep Gas Winter Safety in mindSnow and Ice build-up can keep your gas meter set from working properly, so remember to keep your meter free of both.  Please ensure that snow is not shoveled or piled on the meter sets when clearing decks, walkways and driveways.

Why is it so important to keep your meter clear? – Accumulated snow places stress on your meter piping – damage to the piping can cause a gas leak. Blocked vents in your Gas Meter Set may result in abnormal pressure, affect appliance operation, and interrupt service. A cover such as a single full sheet of plywood placed at a 45o angle over the meter set can deflect snow and ice while still allowing access to the meter.  This simple precaution may prevent a hazardous situation.

Keeping your meter clear permits easy access and enables quick and accurate readings.  Knowing that we read meters the last week of each month will make it easy for you to plan to double check and clear any obstructions.  We appreciate your help to keep the route to the meter set clear and safe for our meter readers.

If you are not sure on how to safely clear your meter, please contact the Utility at 250-578-5490 or 250-319-0629 and we would be pleased to advise you at no charge.  If necessary, Sun Peaks Utilities will clear meters of ice, snow or other materials.  The Gas Tariff’s Terms and Conditions do allow a charge for this work to be added to your monthly Utility bill.  The charge for the first time this work is required during a one-year period is $50 and each additional time is $100.

Remember that gas is a safe commodity if treated properly.  If you do smell gas (rotten egg smell) in your home, please leave and call 250-319-0629 or 9-1-1 as soon as it is safe to do so.

Fire Hydrant Reminder – In the winter, the utility staff arranges to have snow cleared around hydrants.  The Municipality and Fire Department also requests that you do not fill in this cleared area with snow moved from your driveway or other areas on your property.   A one meter clearance around the hydrant allows firefighters the room they need to work.

Please note you may not park within 6 meters of a fire hydrant under the Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality, Bylaw 0009, Section 3 (1) which states a person must not park any vehicle (a.) within six (6) m of a fire hydrant, measured from a point in the curb (or where there is not curb, the edge of the roadway) which is closest to the fire hydrant.

If you have any questions or concerns about a fire hydrant located near your property, please contact the Utility at 250-2020 (during office hours) or the Sun Peaks Fire Department at 250-578-8985.

Sun Peaks Municipality’s Utility Division provides water, sewer and gas service to the community of Sun Peaks, B.C. The resort covers an approximate 200 hectare area 45 minutes drive north of Kamloops, east of Barrier and west of Chase.

The Municipality services a population base of over 12,000 residents and visitors. The Water and Wastewater utility rates are set by the Municipal Council as set out in the related bylaws.  The Gas utility rates are regulated by the BC Utilities Commission.

For more information on the specific utility, please click on the appropriate headings shown to the left of this screen or contact the municipal office at 250-578-2020, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (closed holidays)

For billing inquiries including applying for service,

contact finance@sunpeaksmunicipality.ca 

For all other inquiries, contact info@sunpeaksutilities.com

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