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Treatment System Overview

Sun Peaks Utilities collects via a gravity collection system and then treats all the wastewater for the resort community of Sun Peaks.  Sun Peaks Utilities’ Wastewater Treatment Facility uses a Biological Upward Flow Sludge Blanket Filtration design (USBF – modified activated sludge process) to treat all the wastewater prior to discharging the treated effluent to Rapid Infiltration Basins.

Wastewater Treatment Plant c/w BR 4 Est, 2017


The following is a link to a video of the Sun Peaks Resort USBF wastewater treatment plant created by the plant’s designer, ECOfluid Systems Inc. (

Click to view ECOfluid’s Video – This advanced wastewater treatment plant serving Sun Peaks Ski Resort was started up on November 19, 1999. The resort includes a number of large restaurants and hotels, shops, ski facilities and several hundred private dwellings. The plant experiences a wide range of flows and organic loadings throughout the year; low in summer and extremely high during Christmas, President’s Day and Easter weeks.  Modular design and the inherent ability of the USBF filter to accommodate wide range of flows ensure year round efficient treatment and operation.

Composting – The wasted treated bio-mass from the treatment process is dewatered and then composted using an In-Vessel process with pine wood chips as the carbon source.  The system was supplied by Green Mountain Technologies from Bainbridge Island, Washington State (  The composting process was started up in February 2012 and the first Class A compost will be available to homeowners at Sun Peaks starting in August 2012.

At this time, only the wasted bio-mass is being composted.  The In-Vessel Composting System does have the ability to take other waste products and turn them into compost sometime in the future.

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