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Regulations are rules of conduct which the minister is empowered to make to facilitate the carrying out of an Act of Parliament. Regulations exist under both provincial and federal water-related legislation

Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy  deals with water regulations for the Province of BC. 

Ideally, polluting contaminants should be prevented from entering the water. At the most, they can be allowed only in low concentrations. All provinces and territories in Canada have pollution control regulations.

The Provincial Government has appointed an expert advisory board to provide technical advice on ground-water regulations and standards being developed as part of their drinking water action plan. New Era commitments include passing strong legislation that ensures clean, safe drinking water for the people of British Columbia. Measures will be developed to ensure source-to-tap protection for ground water. The advisory board will help the government develop the new ground-water regulatory framework, and will examine ground-water issues and make recommendations on current standards for well design, well construction, well siting, well flow tests and ground water sampling.

Government of Canada – Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines

Please visit the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy – Groundwater website:  Government of BC – Groundwater Regulations

Canada Water Act