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Conservation & Water Meter Information

Photo: Adam Stein

Water is a precious commodity and we owe it to ourselves to use this resource wisely and to minimize waste. Sun Peaks Resort has committed itself to be a water smart community by regulating landscaping and water consumption.

Tips for Saving Water Indoors

  • Install water saving shower heads
  • Take the 5-minute shower challenge
  • Don’t run the water when you brush teeth, shave, wash dishes, etc.
  • Repair leaking toilets
  • Use a wastepaper basket instead of the toilet for tissues and dental floss
  • Use dishwashers and washing machines for only full loads
  • Fix leaky taps

    Tips for Saving Water Outdoors

  • Minimize landscaping and lawn areas
  • Use ornamental grasses and ground covers
  • Use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveways and sidewalks
  • Consider drip irrigation for individual shrubs.  Sun Peaks has taken their water conservation one step further by requiring that homes and businesses in the community use low flush toilets.

    Water Meters

    The registered building scheme covenants and the utilities water tariff’s terms and conditions for service requires that you install an approved water meter with a remote reader unit attached to the outside of the building within 2 meters but not closer than 1.5 meters of the gas meter set.  Currently, the only approved meter manufacturer in Sensus.

    Residential water meters and remote readers are available through the Utility or can be supplied and installed by your plumber.  Sensus meters and remote readers are supplied by Sun Peaks Utilities and we stock a number of the residential meters in the office.    For water meters for pipe sizes larger than 1″ or commercial applications must be sized specific to each application.  If you require a larger meter, please contact the Utility for sizing and pricing information.

    Water Meter Installation

    Residential Applications

  • The water meter and remote reader must be installed and inspected prior to water being turned on by the Utility field staff and is the first device installed on the main water supply (prior to ANY other devices).
  • For most standard residential applications, the water meter would be installed with the water meter mounted horizontally.
  • The water meter remote reader would then be connected from the top of the water meter to a location on the outside of the building so that the “Touch Pad” is within 2 meters of the gas meter set location but not closer than 1.5 meters.

    Multi-family and Commercial Applications

  • Multi-family developers must have on main combo water meter (used to measure high and low flows accurately) at the entrance to the complex (in an authorized meter chamber) and a remote reader located within 2 meters but not closer than 1.5 meters of a gas meter set. Should you wish to install individual water meters and have the utility invoice each customer directly rather than the Strata, then each customer must have his or her own individual shut off (cub stop) installed. Please contact the Utilities’ office at 250-578-2020 for all specific meter sizing, location requirements and installation details
  • Commercial developers must have one main combo water meter at the entrance to the complex (in an authorized meter chamber) or just inside the main building prior to any other devices (with the sole exception of fire suppression equipment) and the remote reader located within 2 meters but not closer than 1.5 meters of the gas meter set.
  • All properties with a Fire Suppression System(s), must meet the Utilities’ Water Tariff requirements for an authorized by-pass system.

    Additional Notes

  • A 3-wire conductor MUST connect the Remote Reader to the main water meter. This will allow the Utility to implement new technology that will allow us to reduce the cost of reading meters in the future.
  • Irrigation water meters may be installed downstream of the main water meter to allow the Utility to eliminate the requirement to charge Sewer Rates on water used solely for irrigation. Please contact the Utilities’ office for all site-specific meter sizing, location requirements and installation details.Please note, that prior to any water services being activated, and approved water meter and remote reader must be installed and water saving plumbing fixtures inspected for compliance.

    Plumbing Fixtures

    The registered building scheme covenants for Sun Peaks Resort require you to install water conserving plumbing fixtures. The following is a list of specifications for allowed plumbing fixtures:

    Plumbing Fitting Allowed Maximum Flow
    Toilet Dual Flush (3.0/6.0 litres per flush – 1.3 gallons) or Single Flush (4.0 litres per flush)
    * Please note that Dual Flush toilets are now required as a condition of service under the approved water tariff.  The fixture must also pass the MaP testing of 600 grams. 
    Urinals 3.8 litres per cycle (0.85 gallons)
    Shower Heads 6.0 litres per minute (1.5 gallons)
    Lavatory Faucets 6.0 litres per minute (1.5 gallons)

    Please note that use of garburators are not permitted within the resort.

    These water-conserving fixtures are now readily available and are already mandatory in Ontario and in some BC municipalities such as Kelowna and Vernon. It is your responsibility as the property owner to ensure these fixtures are installed. Sun Peaks Utilities’ field staff will inspect your property prior to turning on your water supply. Random inspections may be carried out at a later date to ensure compliance of plumbing fixtures with the Water Tariff. A water meter and remote reader that meets Sun Peaks Utilities’ specifications is also mandatory for service.

    Please note that it is mandatory that prior to any excavation or landscaping, or other digging, you arrange for a site-meeting to locate any services on your property, and confirm the location of all services and that any utility services are in good working order. There are no additional charges for Sun Peaks Utilities to attend on-site meetings or perform locates for any of our maintained utilities located within your property or Highways’ rights-of-way.

    Regulatory Information