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System Overview

Water System Overview

Sun Peaks’ potable water system is sourced from 5 deep wells located throughout the valley.  Unlike surface sources, the ground provides additional filtration so the chance of contamination is minimal.  Our three potable water reservoirs have a storage capacity of 2,650 cubic meters (7,000,000 US gallons).  The Utility currently maintains 5 pressure zones through an interconnected grid with 2 booster stations.

Sun Peaks water utility has 3 treatment plants that treats, filters and then distributes the water throughout the resort. The water is treated with Manganese Dioxide Green Sand Filter systems using chlorine to remove iron and manganese through an oxidization process.

This process does leave a small active chlorine component (0.5 to 1.0 mg/l) within the water system to ensure that safe water is being supplied at all times to our customers. Continued testing by both an independent laboratory and the Ministry of Health confirms that the potable water at Sun Peaks meets or exceeds the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines. For more information on the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines, visit Health Canada‘s website.

Neither the Golf Course irrigation system nor the Ski Resort’s snow making system utilizes the Utility’s potable water system.  The Utility does have the ability to tap into the 36,000,000 USG non-potable snowmaking reservoirs in the event of a major fire like the forest fires that came close to Sun Peaks in 2003

Important Reference Documents

Health Permit and Conditions 2015

Health Permit and Conditions 2011

Health Permit and Conditions 2005

Ministry of the Environment Water Stewardship Division

Ministry of Health Drinking Water Quality

Raw Water (Well) Quality 2007 to 2015 Report

Government of British Columbia Health Regulations – Safe Drinking Water

Summary of Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality

Community Water System’s Emergency Response Plan – Public Version