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Wastewater FAQ

Wastewater FAQ

1. Does Sun Peaks Utilities have a chemical or biological wastewater treatment facility?

Sun Peaks Utilities uses a natural wastewater treatment process.  By manipulating the naturally occurring bacteria found in raw wastewater through the use of air, we are able to effectively treat the wastewater.  Other than using some lime for pH adjustment and long chain polymers for dewatering, the process uses a natural process.

2. If the treatment process is a biological process, what can I flush down the toilet or sink?

It is always best to only pour materials down the sink or toilet that will not harm the environment.  Attached is a link to a Household Waste Disposal Chart that may be of assistance to you.  If in doubt, please contact the Utility’s offices at 250-578-2020 for more information.

Remember, there are some substances that a biological wastewater treatment process cannot treat and would be discharged possibly harming the environment.    Its always better to ask.

3. What regulations and ministry oversee the wastewater discharges from the treatment plant?

Sun Peaks Wastewater Treatment Plant’s discharge is permitted under the Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change Strategy’s (MoE) and  Municipal Wastewater Regulations.  The facility is inspected by a Pollution Control Officer on an annual basis as well as by a Registered Professional, Dr. Joanne Harkness, R.P.Bio with Urban Systems Inc., Kamloops, BC

4. I understand that Sun Peaks Utilities is now composting.  Can I bring my household waste somewhere to have it composted too?

At this point in time, Sun Peaks Utilities is only composting wasted bio-mass from the treatment process.  The Thompson Nicola Regional District has a re-cycling program as part of the Waste Transfer Site located on Industrial Way at Sun Peaks.

If you have any further questions that you would like to see answers posted here, please contact the Utilities offices at 250-578-2020 or email us at