For detailed regulations on each utility Sun Peaks Utilities Co. is responsible for, please refer to each utility page (i.e.: Water, Wastewater, Compost, Gas…) or visit the following sites:


Water is regulated by both the Comptroller of Water Works is part of the BC’s Ministry of the Environment’s Water Protections Agency and BC’s Ministry of Health.  More information can be found at or   Information on the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines can be found at


Wastewater treatment and discharge is regulated by the Ministry of the Environment for an allowable discharge.  More information can be found at  Wastewater Rates are not currently regulated.  However, Sun Peaks Utilities has made the commitment to follow the same rules as set out by the Comptroller of Water Rights for the Water Utility.


The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) regulates all energy sales in BC including Sun Peaks’ gas utility rates. More information can be found at  Day to day operations is regulated by the BC Safety Authority. More information can be found at