Other Utilities

Electrical service for the community is provided by BC Hydro. For permit, installation and cost details, please contact BC Hydro at 1-877-520-1355 or visit their website at www.bchydro.com.

Telephone Service

Telephone and High Speed Internet Access (ADSL) are provided by TELUS.

TELUS has delivered a telecommunications system at Sun Peaks that supports advanced telecommunication, multi-media, and Internet services. To ensure that your property has the ability to utilize these services when you want them, please refer to the “Wiring Your New Home” guide. Commercial properties may wish to consult a telecommunications wiring specialist.

For installation and cost details, please contact TELUS at 310-2255 (out of province 1-888-811-2323) for residential customers and 310-3100 (out of province 1-888-811-2828) for business customers. Or, visit their website at www.telus.net.

Mascon Cable Systems has now been purchased by TELUS.

Cellular Service

Cellular service is available at Sun Peaks through TELUS Mobility (www.telusmobility.com) and Rogers (www.rogers.com). Please check either supplier for service details or your own cellular supplier for compatibility, roaming information and local access numbers.

Cable TV Service

Mascon Cable Systems has been purchased by TELUS and check with www.telus.com for information on services offered at Sun Peaks.




Contact Information

BC Hydro 1-877-520-1355 www.bchydro.com TELUS 310-2255 / 310-3100 www.telus.net TELUS Mobility 1-866-558-2273 *611 from Telus Mobility phone www.telusmobility.com Rogers Wireless 1-800-565-6009 www.rogers.com