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Gas Meters

Installation of Gas Meter Set & Service Line

All gas lines in the street and crossing your property up to and including the gas meter set are the property of Sun Peaks Utilities.

Plan for your gas meter location by following the site requirements below:

  • Meter locations must conform to the National Standard CAN/CSA Z662 (current addition), Installation Code CAN/CGA-B149.1 (current addition), BC Gas Safety Code and to Sun Peaks Utilities standards.
  • The standard meter location is on the front wall of the building facing the gas main, or either sidewall 1.5 meters back from the wall facing the gas main.
  • The standard running line of the gas service is a direct line from meter location to gas main, or to the existing service stub connection at the property line.
  • This running line is to be kept PERMANENTLY clear of any above or below ground structures or obstructions (building debris, etc.) and must allow at least 1 meter clearance between the property line and buildings. No vegetation or other objects are allowed within 1 meter of the Gas Meter Set.
  • The finished grade must be a minimum of 15 cm below the shut off valve (grease cock). If the gas riser is going to be placed within a permanent structure, then the riser MUST have a sleeve to allow for expansion of the surrounding materials.
  • Deviation from these standards may result in extra charges and require written permission. 

    Gas Meter Set Protection

    In addition to the standard protection required by the BC Gas Safety Branch, Sun Peaks Utilities requires that the gas meter set be protected from the heavy snow loads that Sun Peaks receives each winter. This can take the form of a small roof to protect the meter, regulator and gas piping from ice and snow falling off roofs or being shovelled off decks or walkways.