Sun Peaks Utilities Co. Ltd. operates the gas grid throughout the resort by utilizing bulk gas storage facilities located east of the Burfield Lift.   A copy of the approved gas tariff and current rates as approved by the British Columbia Utilities Commission are available for viewing on this site and at the Utilities’ Administration offices located in the Kookaburra Lodge, 103 – 3270 Village Way during regular office hours.

The gas utility is in the process of being transferred to Resort Gas Ltd. (wholly owned by Sun Peaks Resort LLP) pending regulatory approval by the BC Utilities Commission.   However, Sun Peaks Utilities will continue to manage and operate the gas utility.  Updates on the transfer will be posted under the ‘Gas Tariff and Rate Applications / Decisions’ tab from time to time as they become available.

How have gas rates changed at Sun Peaks?

Gas costs are outside of the control of SPUCL and are passed on to our gas customers at the same costs as SPUCL pays without markup. Gas prices have fluctuated significantly over the last 10 years from a high of $25.64 per Gj in 2012 to a low of $12.49 per Gj in starting 2016.  The following is a graph of gas rates over the past 10 years starting June 2007 to present (June 2017).

Gas Service

You can make arrangements for the installation of a residential gas meter set including basic in-ground service line and trenching by contacting the office. When ordering your meter, you should know what gas pressure you need delivered and the total BTU load for you property (just add up the BTU ratings listed on all of your gas appliances). We will also require a valid gas permit number from you or your gas fitter prior to the gas being turned on by out field technicians.

Gas Appliances

Most of your appliances will come from the factory and be set up for natural gas use. The grid system at Sun Peaks currently operates on propane, which requires an inexpensive conversion kit. Don’t forget to keep the original natural gas components as we hope to convert the system to natural gas within the next five to ten years, depending on the growth of the resort.

Tips for Builders for Gas


Fixture Minimum Clearance
(see Gas Clearance Requirements below)
Building Opening (doors, opening windows, cold air furnace inlet, etc.) 1 meter horizontally or 2 meters vertically, from regulatory vent (Figure #1).
Source of Ignition and Mechanically Powered Air Intake (pool heaters, air conditioners or make up air unit fan inlet or fresh air furnace inlet connected to cold air return, etc.) 3 meters from regulatory vent (Figure #2).
Flue Gas Duct
(direct vent fireplace, etc.)
1.8 meters radially from regulator vent or 3 meters vertically if the horizontal clearance is less than 1 meter (Figure #3).
Overhang The wall height from the ground to the ceiling above the regulator vent must be greater than the depth of the overhang (Figure #4).
Electrical meter, clothes dryer, arc producing equipment, electrical switches & outlets 1 meter radially from any part of the meter set (Figure #5).
Swimming Pool, hot tubs 3 meters radially from any part of the meter set (Figure #6).
Other flammable liquids and gases, electrical kiosks or transformers Consult Federal, Provincial and local regulations.
  • These clearances are provided for reference only. Please consult with Federal, Provincial or Local Regulations for the most current standards and practises.

Propane Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Gas Clearance Requirements

Propane Prices – What Consumers Should Know
Info courtesy of the National Energy Information Center, Washington, USA

For more information on the regulations that govern the gas utility, please visit:

British Columbia Utilities Commission at

Gas Line & Meter Maintenance

Our meter readers do their best to provide our customers with accurate meter readings.  You can help us serve you even better by keeping a few things in mind regarding the care of and access to your gas meter. Quick Tips: Make sure that you and your family know where your gas meter’s shut off …

Gas Meters

Installation of Gas Meter Set & Service Line All gas lines in the street and crossing your property up to and including the gas meter set are the property of Sun Peaks Utilities. Plan for your gas meter location by following the site requirements below: Meter locations must conform to the National Standard CAN/CSA Z662 …

Gas Tariff and Rate Applications / Decisions

Resort Gas Tariff (Page 6 updated) – Effective January 1, 2021 Resort Gas Tariff (Page 6 updated) – Effective July 1, 2020 BC Utilities Commission’s Order G-1-20 on January 2, 2020 to grant an extension of the filing of Revenue Requirement Application Resort Gas Revenue Requirement Application – Extension Request – Exhibit A-1 Panel Appointment BC Utilities Commission’s Decision G-338-19 for …

Gas Utility Annual Reports

SPUCL Gas Annual Report 2017 SPUCL Gas Annual Report 2016 SPUCL Gas Annual Report 2015 SPUCL Gas Annual Report 2014 SPUCL Gas Annual Report 2013 SPUCL Gas Annual Report 2012 – Revised SPUCL Gas Annual Report 2011 SPUCL Gas Annual Report 2010 SPUCL Gas Annual Report 2009 SPUCL Gas Annual Report 2008 SPUCL Gas Annual Report …