BCUC – Inquiry into the Regulation of Safety

The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC), by Order G-241-20, establishes an inquiry into the regulation of safety (Inquiry). The background and scope of submissions are attached as Appendix B of Order G-241-20. Outlined below is information on how parties can participate in this process.


Interveners are expected to participate actively, responsibly and respectfully for the duration of the proceeding as per the BCUC’s Rules of Practice and Procedure. The deadline to request intervener status is Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

Letters of Comment and Interested Parties

Members of the public who wish to file written submissions must use the Letter of Comment Form and be submitted on the BCUC’s website, or submitted by email to commission.secretary@bcuc.com. Letters of comment will be posted on our website and will be considered by the Panel. The deadline to submit letters of comment is Thursday, November 12, 2020. Interested parties may register with the BCUC to receive automated email notifications of all documents posted by the BCUC to the Inquiry’s webpage.

Participation Assistance/Cost Award

Participant Assistance/Cost Award (PACA) funding will be made available to registered interveners in the Inquiry. The Panel will assess any request to intervene at the time of receipt, in accordance with section 9 of the BCUC’s Rules of Practice and Procedure attached to Order G-15-19. As with all BCUC proceedings, participant funding is not guaranteed upon acceptance as an intervener. The merits of each request for participant funding will be assessed at the conclusion of the Inquiry in accordance with the PACA Guidelines attached to Order G-97-17.

About the BCUC

The BCUC is an independent regulatory agency of the Government of British Columbia that is responsible for regulating BC’s energy utilities, the Insurance Corporation of BC’s compulsory automobile insurance rates, intraprovincial pipelines, and the reliability of the electrical transmission grid. When directed by Government, we undertake inquiries on matters of public interest. We work hard to ensure British Columbians get value from their utilities with safe, reliable energy services and fair energy and basic auto insurance rates, while ensuring the entities we regulate have the opportunity to earn a fair return on their capital investments.