Wastewater (Sewer) Collection System Annual Flushing Program Starting August 18th, 2020

As part of the annual maintenance to the wastewater collection system, Sun Peaks Municipality has contracted with Green Earth Hydro-Vac Services to flush the communities wastewater (sewer) main collection system.   All the main collection lines are done every year and smaller branches are done as required (between every year and every five years).

This process will remove sand, rocks, grease, non-organic material, etc. from the collection system.  To perform this work, the crew uses water from a high-pressure hose that moves from manhole to manhole throughout the resort.

As part of this process, you may notice bubbling water in your toilet and/or drains.  It may be helpful if you keep your toilet seats down while the flushing truck proceeds down your street.  Once the equipment has passed your home or business, make sure all your shower, sink and floor drains (P-Traps) are full by dumping approximately a liter or more of water down to allow the water to re-seal the p-trap.

Thank you for your understanding while we conduct this critical  maintenance program.  Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Municipality’s office at 250-578-2020.  In an emergency, you may also reach out to the Public Works Utility Operators at 250-319-0629.


Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality