With the past BC Hydro outages, a number of people used their propane fireplaces to keep warm.  This means that any combustion byproducts like carbon monoxide (CO) had to vent without a fan to drive the gases out.  Since most Smoke Alarms and some CO Detectors are hard wired in, you should check that they also have a battery back up so you would be warned of smoke, fire or carbon monoxide gases during a power outage.

Remember, it is important to change your Smoke Alarm/CO Detector every 10 years and replace the battery in each unit each fall.  New and replacement units are available at most hardware and building supply stores. If you have any questions, please contact Martin McQuade, Prevention Officer with Sun Peaks Fire Rescue at 250-578-8985.  You can also click on the Questions ??? & Safety Information Tab on the menu (top or left side of this website.

Remember, if either unit goes off, please leave your home immediately and call for help outside by dialing 9-1-1 or the Utilities’ emergency number at 250-319-0629.