Update on the transfer of Sun Peaks Utilities’ Ownership to Sun Peaks Municipality and Transfer of the Gas Utility to Resort Gas Ltd.

The Alternative Approval Process review period has concluded and the Sun Peaks Municipality (SPMRM) has passed the required bylaw(s) and sent them to the Provincial Ministry for approval. While the SPMRM awaits final approval of the Province, planning is proceeding to finalize the purchase of Sun Peaks Utilities Co. Ltd by SPMRM.

Prior to the purchase by SPMRM of ownership of the water and sewer utility, it is proposed to transfer the gas utility to a newly incorporated wholly owned subsidiary of SPR LLP, called Resort Gas Utility.   In order for these transactions to occur, the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) requires that Sun Peaks Utilities’ gas customers be notified of the proposed changes in ownership of the gas utility and be granted an opportunity to comment.   This approval has now been received from the BCUC.

A copy of the BCUC decision, the original application and various submissions are posted under ‘Gas Tariff and Rate Applications / Decisions’ tab on our website at www.sunpeaksutilities.com.

The process to move Sun Peaks Utilities to the Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality continues and we will post updates as they become available.