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April 1, 2012 Sun Peaks Utilities has been successful in producing the first CompTainer of Class A Compost.  It still needs another 30 days of final curing.  We will have product available in June (see September Newsletter for update) for any member of the community that wants to pick up some compost for their property at Sun Peaks.  Please be aware that this compost is not screened and will contain pine wood chips.  It will need to be screened prior to be used for lawns, etc.  However, the compost will be great for general landscaping.  Please contact the Utilities offices at 250-578-5490 or click on the Composting tab to the left for more details.

Showerheads that work

Water Conservation Project - The Utility continues to look into ways to make Sun Peaks more water efficient without impacting our customers day to day experience. Over the past few years, we’ve heard from a number of our customers that the standard low flow shower heads installed don’t allow enough water through. This leaves people feeling they haven’t gotten all the soap out during their shower. We tested some of the standard shower heads and agreed with our customers. So we went on the hunt for showerheads that work and still save water. We found two showerheads that do give you a reasonably feeling shower and meet the standard of 1.5 USG per minute. One is made by Caroma and the other by Bri-cor through SSI.

Caroma ShowerHeadBri-CoreShowerHeadWhile the Caroma 1.5 gpm model (View Video) is good for all pressures, the Bri-core GT 1.5 gpm comes in three models that can be used where water pressure is 30, 50 or 70 psi ensuring the maximum flow. Both units work with a vacuum booster technology that compacts the water under pressure which sends water out of the showerhead 1.75 times harder than a standard shower increasing a flow impact as good as or better than most 2.5 gpm showers.

As none of the local distributors stock these, we’ve made arrangements to have a limited number available for sale through the Utility. Your cost for the Bri-Cor GT 1.5 gpm is $39 + applicable tax and the Caroma 1.5 gpm is $32 + applicable taxes. We have samples of the two showerheads at the Utility’s office for you to look at. Any showerheads purchased will be invoiced on your utility invoice.

View the Caroma brochure.

View the Bri-Cor brochure.

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Sun Peaks Utilities Co. provides water, sewer and gas service to the community of Sun Peaks Resort, B.C. The resort covers an approximate 200 hectare area 45 minutes drive north of Kamloops, east of Barrier and west of Chase.

The Utility services a population base of up to 10,000 residents and visitors. The Water and Gas Utilities’ rates are regulated by the Comptroller of Water Rights and the BC Utilities Commission respectively. While the Wastewater (sewer) Utility’s rates are not regulated, the Utility follows the same rules as the Water Utility’s regulator.

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