Sun Peaks Utilities applies for Gas Commodity Rate Decrease

ON November 17, 2015, Sun Peaks Utilities applied to the BC Utilities Commission for a Gas Commodity Rate Decrease of 11% to be effective January 1, 2016 if approved.

Over the last few years, the cost of propane had reached historic highs.  In predicting forward prices, sometimes the market doesn’t follow the experts’ projections.  In reality, we have experienced lower market prices such that the Gas Cost Reconciliation Account (GCRA), Commodity account continues to fall faster than previously expected.

Therefore, SPUCL now believes that it is in our Customer’s best interest to apply to the BCUC for a decrease in the Total Gas Commodity Charge to $11.6250 from $13.0660 per gigajoule (-11%).  These changes are made up of two factors.  Gas Commodity Charge – Propane increasing from $8.6620 to $9.3000 per Gigajoule and the Gas Commodity Charge – GCRA decreasing from $2.0790 to $0.00 per Gigajoule.

For more information, click on the “Gas” tab and then on the “Gas Tariff and Rates” tab.

F2015 Gas Utility Report filed with the BC Utility Commission

On July 22, 2015, Sun Peaks Utilities filed a copy of the Annual Gas Utility Report with the British Columbia Utility Commission. A copy of the report can be found under the ‘Gas’ Dropdown Tab and then under the ‘Annual Reports’ Tab.

If you have any questions or comments on the report, please contact Sun Peaks Utilities’ office at 250-578-5490 (press ‘1’) or email us at

F2015 Water Financial Report filed with the Comptroller of Water Rights

As required by the Comptroller of Water Rights, Sun Peaks Utilities has filed the Annual Financial Report with the Comptroller’s office. A copy of this report is available for viewing during business hours at the Utilities’ offices or by clicking on the ‘Water‘ tab and then the ‘Annual Reports’ tab, then scroll down to the Financial Report section of the webpage.

Sun Peaks Utilities granted a Gas Commodity Rate Decrease – July 1, 2015

 Gas Commodity Rate Decrease approved – Effective July 1, 2015

Over the last few years, the cost of propane had reached historic highs. In response to market conditions, SPUCL did apply for and was granted an increase in the commodity gas prices as of July 1, 2014. In this application to the BC Utility Commission (BCUC), we estimated that the Gas Cost Recovery Account balance (GCRA, Commodity) would be paid down over a period of 2.5 years. This was based on our propane price forecast at the time.

In predicting forward prices, sometimes the market doesn’t follow the projections. In reality, we saw much lower market prices such that the GCRA, Commodity account is being reduced faster than previously expected. Therefore, SPUCL now believes that it is in our Customer’s best interest to apply to the BCUC for a decrease in the Gas Commodity Charge – Propane of $7.3800 per gigajoule. In addition, SPUCL also recommended a to increase the Gas Commodity – Storage charge by $0.7982 per gigajoule in order to bring the GCRA Storage account balance into a neutral position as of next April 30, 2016.

Only July 2, 2015, the BC Utility Commission approved our application that includes a total combined decrease of $6.8598 per gigajoule to the Total Commodity charge. This is a decrease of 34.4% from current rates.  For more information, click on the “Gas” tab and then on the “Gas Tariff and Rates” tab.


Found & Fixed – Pressure Zone 1 – Underground Water Leak

On June 15, 2015, Sun Peaks Utilities staff found, exposed and repaired the water leak in Pressure Zone 1. The issue was the water line connection to the Burfield Maintenance Shop that was installed with the wrong coupler sometime in the 1980’s. Municipal hardware & pipe should last 80 plus years, but failed at 35% of its life. It always pays to do it right the first time! This leak accounted for over 10,000,000 litres of treated water being pumped into the ground.

Thank you to everyone for their patience during our search.

June 14, 2015 Posting:
Due to required WATER MAIN REPAIRS starting Monday, June 15th

It is expected that the only Customers who will be affected by this repair are located West of 1396/1394 Burfield Drive, Burfield Heights, Burfield Maintenance Shop, the Stables, Burfield Lodge’ Residences, 1160 Sun Peaks Rd & the Sun Peaks Youth Hostel

for a copy of the Notice to Customers, please click here

June 5, 2015 Posting:
On May 5, 2015, the Utility Staff noticed that water production at the Burfield Water Treatment Plant had increased significantly. After confirming that no buildings where using an unusual amount of water, and that water main line valves that should be closed or open were, staff started looking for leaks.

This process includes listening to water valves (through a metal water key), checking any suspect pooling water for chlorine, isolating sections, checking for dropping water levels and several other tricks.

We have determined that the water leak is most likely down slope of the Burfield Lodge. We have brought in a leak detection specialist who helped us and we should start digging the week of June 12th.

During this period, we may have to shut off water to the distribution system for short periods of time, but will keep you posted through postings via SPIN, Sun Peaks Survivors and Customer Notices.

Water Well Test Results now available

Each year, Sun Peaks Utilities staff takes water samples that allow our outside testing laboratory, Caro Environmental to confirm our water meets ‘potability’ standards as defined by the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.  Samples are taken from all production wells that provide water to the Sun Peaks Community and submitted to Caro for analysis.  This analysis is performed on the ‘raw’ (untreated) water.  It also helps to confirm that the wells are continuing to perform as expected.

You can find the results for this year along with past years under the “Water” tab and then click on the ‘Annual Reports’ tab.  The report is called ‘Water Quality Raw Well Water 2006 to 2015 Report’.

Please contact the office at or 250-548-5490 if you have any questions or concerns.

Water & Wastewater Annual Reports

2014 MWR Report Cover PhotoAnnual Operational Reports to Government – Sun Peaks Utilities is required to submit annual reports on the operations of the Utility to the Ministry of the Environment and Interior Health and advise our customers that these reports are posted on our website and are available for their information.  Copies of these reports can also be viewed at the Utilities’ offices during regular business hours.

The Wastewater Utility is regulated under the Province of BC’s Municipal Wastewater Regulations (MWR).  Under these Regulations, an annual report must be completed by a ‘Qualified Professional” and must be submitted to the Ministry prior to March 31 each year.  Copies of the MWR annual reports can be found on the Utilities’ website under under the ‘Wastewater’ and then ‘Annual Reports’ Tabs.

The Water Utility is regulated by the Interior Health Authority through a Water Purveyor’s Permit which provides the terms and conditions concerning operational requirements that are put in place.  Under the requirements of our permit, we are required to produce an annual Water Quality Report.  Copies of the updated 2015 Water Purveyor’s Permit and annual reports can be found on the Utilities’ website under under the ‘Water’ and then ‘Annual Reports’ Tabs.

Welcome To Sun Peaks Utilities

Please check the community announcements below for important updates on your essential services.

Winter Safety Reminder: The winter season is in full swing and we would like to remind you and your guests to keep Gas Winter Safety in mindSnow and Ice build-up can keep your gas meter set from working properly, so remember to keep your meter free of both.  Please ensure that snow is not shoveled or piled on the meter sets when clearing decks, walkways and driveways.

Why is it so important to keep your meter clear? – Accumulated snow places stress on your meter piping – damage to the piping can cause a gas leak. Blocked vents in your Gas Meter Set may result in abnormal pressure, affect appliance operation, and interrupt service. A cover such as a single full sheet of plywood placed at a 45o angle over the meter set can deflect snow and ice while still allowing access to the meter.  This simple precaution may prevent a hazardous situation.

Keeping your meter clear permits easy access and enables quick and accurate readings.  Knowing that we read meters the last week of each month will make it easy for you to plan to double check and clear any obstructions.  We appreciate your help to keep the route to the meter set clear and safe for our meter readers.

If you are not sure on how to safely clear your meter, please contact the Utility at 250-578-5490 or 250-319-0629 and we would be pleased to advise you at no charge.  If necessary, Sun Peaks Utilities will clear meters of ice, snow or other materials.  The Gas Tariff’s Terms and Conditions do allow a charge for this work to be added to your monthly Utility bill.  The charge for the first time this work is required during a one-year period is $50 and each additional time is $100.

Remember that gas is a safe commodity if treated properly.  If you do smell gas (rotten egg smell) in your home, please leave and call 250-319-0629 or 9-1-1 as soon as it is safe to do so.

Fire Hydrant Reminder – In the winter, the Utility arranges to have snow cleared around hydrants.  The Utility also requests that you do not fill in this cleared area with snow moved from your driveway or other areas on your property.   A one meter clearance around the hydrant allows firefighters the room they need to work.

Please note you may not park within 6 meters of a fire hydrant under the Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality, Bylaw 0009, Section 3 (1) which states a person must not park any vehicle (a.) within six (6) m of a fire hydrant, measured from a point in the curb (or where there is not curb, the edge of the roadway) which is closest to the fire hydrant.

If you have any questions or concerns about a fire hydrant located near your property, please contact the Utility at 250-578-5490 (press 1) or the Sun Peaks Fire Department at 250-578-8985.

Sun Peaks Utilities Co. provides water, sewer and gas service to the community of Sun Peaks Resort, B.C. The resort covers an approximate 200 hectare area 45 minutes drive north of Kamloops, east of Barrier and west of Chase.

The Utility services a population base of up to 10,000 residents and visitors. The Water and Gas Utilities’ rates are regulated by the Comptroller of Water Rights and the BC Utilities Commission respectively. While the Wastewater (sewer) Utility’s rates are not regulated, the Utility follows the same rules as the Water Utility’s regulator.

For more information on the specific utility, please click on the appropriate headings shown to the left of this screen or contact the office at 250-578-5490 or

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